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At the EXPO all products that are being presented, can change the world for ever. From building materials to new energy forms, it will be mind blowing and real … !

This 2nd EXPO will be in de same week as the congress. So do not miss it and write the new data in your agenda!

See you at our Ubuntu seminars!

- Nature Materials
- Nature Medicins
- Energy 2025

Professionals and policy makers who are responsable for the future energy transition, are welcome to join.

In juni 2023, we will visit multiple energy plants, which are working without fossile fuels and are also not damaging nature.  This excursion is organised for the people who visited the EXPO and want to know more about clean fusion / HHO power.

22 maart

Ubuntu is het Afrikaanse woord voor samenwerken en verbondenheid. Ook betekent het meer in contact staan met de natuur, zowel als omgeving als voeding of zelfs medicatie. Het vierde onderdeel energie maakt de mens vrij van olie en andere vormen die de aarde meer kwaad dan goed doen. Ubuntu Wereld is gevestigd in Rotterdam Vlaardingen, en voor de stad is er Ubuntu Ahoy, waarbij de jeugd centraal staat voor een betere toekomst van binding en resilience.

Rotterdam starts with an Ubuntu social resilience project. Encouraging young people to spend time with elderly people. These mini harbor boats that are used for this project, will be made in one of the oldest cities near Rotterdam: Vlaardingen!

For more information, see the website of Ubuntu Ahoy.

Changing the world with open source technologies. And making humanity aware of the unique gift of nature, we are part of.