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Medicin from Nature  Nature profides for everything, that is something we have forgotten about. On this subject, for every illness there is a plant growing - we only need to know it. Medicin schools do not teach it, because their bigest sponsor (money) is coming from the industrie, who are lacking the poor people.

—--------> Aya Tauil (The Netherlands - Marocco)

Building & materials  Materials which come directly from nature, which are more durable and efficiënt. Architects will explain how

these materials are used in new products and buildings.

—-----------> Ivo Wieling (The Netherlands)

—-----------> Charles Hagebols (Germany - The Netherlands)

Ubuntu Projects  Projects which encourage people to act and to become a better person, or learn how to..

We need to learn and understand that we are all part of this world and can make it a perfect place for everybody. But how?

—-----------> Eric-Jan van Dalen (Ubuntu Ahoy Project)

Energy transition  New forms of energy will help the world transform in a better place. Fosile fuels are old years ago. Inventors and engineers speak, who are working with clean fusion energy, algae energy projects and other energies that have no polution what so ever.

—-----------> Anthony Baro (USA - Portugal)

—----------> Ronald Dingemanse (RH Submarines)

—----------> Timo  (The Netherlands)

Changing the world with open source technologies. And making humanity  aware of the unique gift  of nature, we are part of.

Ubuntu Benelux Seminar - planning
22 maart 2023
~ april 2023
~ juni 2023
~ mei 2023